Technical Approvals AT-15-5901/2010

PVC perforated corner for arches

PVC perforated corner

PVC finishing bead

PVC corner with glass fiber mesh

Cross connector 60/60 curved/flat

Steel W batten for cement-lime plaster

PVC window finishing bead C12

Adjusting bracket ES

Adjusting bracket ES flat

Hanger for attics

Ceiling profile UD

Wall profile U

Base profile

Ceiling profile CD

Wall profile C

Suspension wire with eyelet

PVC window profile

PVC window profile with glass fiber mesh

PVC eaves profile with glass fiber mesh

PVC dilatation batten straight/angular

PVC bonia profile

Aluminium corner for gypsum plaster MTA, MTA-LUX, MTAA

Steel corner for cement-lime plaster MTO, MTO-LUX, MTO-SUPER

Connecting piece 60/27

One – sided cross connector

Rotary hanger with spring 60/27

Flat hanger with spring

Double spring

Suspension wire with hook

Extension bar for NONIUS

NONIUS upper hanger

NONIUS bottom hanger

Aluminium perforated corner

Single cross connector

Direct connecting part

NONIUS bottom hanger - strengthened

Aluminium perforated obtuse angle corner

Aluminium corner with glass fiber mesh

Aluminium perforated half-corner

Frame profile UA

Fastening clip

Cross connector 60/60 flat

Buckle for Nonius